We made a decision early on that if we were going to put on this play then we were going to pay the actors who were involved in it. You may not realise that in many Fringe productions the actors aren’t paid and instead are hired on the basis of sharing in any profits that the production might make.

We decided not to go down this road – it’s unfair to actors to expect them to perform for nothing and it is too open to abuse by unscrupulous theatre producers who may be able to “fudge” the books so that the actors never get to share in any profits.

This means we need to raise more than £50k to put on this show.

The costs look like this:

Salaries & Creative Fees £29,750
Accommodation in Brighton £5,000
Venue Hiring £4,500
Marketing £5,000
Already Spent £2,500
Travel & Transport £1,750
Props/Costumes £1,000
Sundries £750
Insurance £300

TOTAL £50,550

So we will need your help – we are launching a CrowdFunding Campaign to raise funds but if you know of anyone who might wish to sponsor us then please get in contact – we’d love to hear from you!

Watch this space!

Watch this space!